About Me

My development career started off back in 2010 when I decided that programming could be pretty fun (and I could build my own video games – which I haven’t done…yet) and it is fun!

After finishing my studies in 2011, I ended up working for our family business for a couple of years doing a general office job. While working, I started a company called Arctek Technologies which just offered website hosting while I was still messing around with website design and development on my own projects.

I started using WordPress back in 2011 – 2012 and fell into the space when my sister-in-law parents needed a website. My brother and I teamed up and looked for a cost effective solution that would be easy to implement and get a great result.

This started our journey into WordPress, after that it was a snowball effect of opening up our own agency/software development company (even though we were separate ‘companies’ we were basically under one roof – my brother was the designer and I was the backend guru to make sure things worked).

A couple of years had passed and we stumbled across our local WordPress meetup which lead us to attending our first WordCamp in Cape Town in 2015. This changed the way I wanted to work with WordPress from a normal building websites to building my own plugins or themes (Thanks to Marc Perel from LayersWP, he did a talk on customizing WordPress themes and I knew this is what I wanted to do.)

Since 2015 I dedicated myself to learning better PHP code and I was blessed to work for a popular WordPress plugin for 2 years and learnt a lot along the way. During this time I met Jason and the team from Paid Memberships Pro and worked for both companies part-time respectively doing support and junior development.

In 2017 I resigned from the first WordPress plugin I was working for. In this time I was still working for Paid Memberships Pro and got an offer to join Caldera Forms part-time where Josh taught me quite a bit in the 3 months I was with that amazing team. I had to leave Caldera Forms because I got a really great job offer from Paid Memberships Pro full-time!

I am now a full-time contractor for Paid Memberships Pro where I get to do customer support and build amazing plugins with a super amazing team and take my programming skills to the next level!

If you have any WordPress questions or want to start a membership site – get in touch with me, I’d love to chat to you be it over email or at the next WordCamp I’m attending!

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