SweepSouth Review

SweepSouth is an “Uber” type of app for domestic cleaning help for your home or office. With SweepSouth you are able to book a domestic helper for once off, or every other day you’d need. Here’s my personal review of their service.

What is SweepSouth

SweepSouth is an “Uber” type of app for domestic cleaner to help clean your home or office.

What do I mean by “Uber”? SweepSouth is not a cleaning company that you can book one of their employees, it connects you directly with private cleaners using the app and they’re known as SweepStars.

Don’t worry they have criminal record checks done and SweepSouth offers insurance included in the cost should anything go wrong, although read the fine-print of their insurance and satisfaction guarantee.

The application calculates estimates based on the size of your home, for example 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom will be less than a 4 bedroom house. Which is fair in my opinion.

The links in this article give me credit towards future cleans on my profile.

Our Experience

So we decided to give SweepSouth a try. We were looking for someone to help us clean our home more thoroughly than we do – and we were not disappointed.

We connected with a lady named Ruth, she had a pretty good rating and was close to us. So we gave it a shot, what do we have to lose – we had R150 off our first clean.

She arrived half an hour earlier and was very well mannered. She cleaned our house more thorough than any other domestic cleaner ever had. She moved our bookshelves and other movable furniture to clean behind and underneath.

We had booked her for 6 hours and she finished in those 6 hours – I’m glad to say we’ve found a domestic helper and booked her every two weeks for the next few months.

The pricing is a bit higher than finding a domestic cleaner privately, but the really nice thing is that you are able to do one-time cleans when you just need that extra help and also you can get any day that suits you. Note: some days rates may be higher due to day of the week.

Just Some Feedback

I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews on Google for SweepSouth and it does seem to be the luck of the draw. The company does try to meet cleaning expectations but a lot of this is out of their control – remember it’s actually private people using SweepSouth to get work.

When booking a cleaner, look at their overall rating. I wish we could see other customer reviews similar to how AirBNB handles their review system – maybe SweepSouth will bring this feature in the near future.

Put away your precious belongings. Remember even though people may have criminal background checks, they are still a stranger in your house.

You can always book a different domestic cleaner should you not be happy with the one you’ve had. We were very lucky and found someone that meets our expectations – I’m hoping that this will stay this way. I’ll update this post should anything change.

SweepSouth has a great initiative. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can see this platform grow further.

I definitely recommend SweepSouth for those that need help in getting their home/office cleaned.

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