Faire L’amor Bridal [Review]

If you’re looking for affordable bridal dresses in Pretoria, be careful who you go with. It seems a lot of companies in the wedding industry don’t deliver great service or quality. The same goes for Faire L’amor Bridal – it’s been nothing but ‘nightmares’ and poor communication from their end.

*Note: Screenshots of the conversation between my wife and Faire L’amor Bridal will be updated as soon as I get them and edit out any private information from the chats – timestamps will be displayed as proof.

So What Happened?

My wife was super excited for her infinity bridal dresses and best of all they didn’t cost an arm and a leg! Unfortunately we never received the dresses and cannot review the quality of the dresses.

Faire L’amor was under the assumption that we didn’t want the dresses anymore.

My wife paid a deposit and went to go fit on the dresses in Pretoria with her bridesmaids. All seemed well at this point, and as per their request we paid the remaining amount.

As mentioned earlier, my wife and I decided to do a real low-key wedding and we found a place to move into and we didn’t want to miss this opportunity or live together unmarried. So we tied the knot in September 2018 instead of March 2019.

Now we’re not upset that the dresses weren’t ready for our wedding in September as this was not the agreed upon date, so it was understandable. The problem comes up when Faire L’amor Bridal assumed we no longer wanted the infinity dresses and the agreed upon date has passed. They were under the impression we didn’t want the bridal dresses. My wife clearly stated she still had interest in the dresses.

A few months later my wife followed up periodically and then asked for a refund. It would be the easier option than actually getting the infinity dresses from Pretoria.

Faire L’amor Bridal said that they would refund us. A few weeks passed and we follow up again and said that they are sorry but the lady that deals with the accounts was on maternity leave. I don’t understand why the business owner couldn’t just refund us.

They had requested our banking details which was sent through immediately and we still haven’t received the refund weeks later. Unfortunately we had to threaten with legal action to get any response from this business.

Overall Experience 1/5.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash


  1. Joke company. Take your money with out providing honest service. It’s really sad as a wedding should be of fond memories, not fighting for refunds. You also didnt provide our wedding party with any of the dresses ordered by the agreed date, but also wont refund??? BE WARNED IF YOUR CONTEMPLATING USING THESE FRAUDSTERS. -pay back the money honeys.

  2. Wow, absolute joke. This is a great example of how to ruin a special time for a couple of newlyweds. More so it showcases how to run your business into the ground. I will definitely keep this article in mind, and make sure never to recommend Faire L’amor Bridal to anyone. Absolutely ridiculous!

  3. This company is fraudulent and a joke, they want you to pay an order In full and then when they dont provide the items u have to beg them for your money back? And then they still want to only pay a portion back? And over two installments? Wow!! I’m speechless

  4. We have paid for 3x Bridesmaid dresses in full in February 2020. Now only we find out that they have closed down, if anyone can assist with contact information of the owners it will be highly appreciated. This is totally unprofessional and disgraceful!!!

    • Hi Monique,

      I’m really sorry to hear this has happened to you as well. I can’t believe it, I don’t have a contact number anymore as I deleted Anina’s contact number from my phone earlier this year.

      Really hope you can get your money back!

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