Building Your First WordPress Plugin [Series]

This is the first ‘series’ that I’ll be documenting to help new developer’s or people interested in building a WordPress plugin. This will be considered a ‘basic’ plugin and will hopefully get you started in your development career!

What Will The Plugin Do?

You will learn to create a plugin that generates a shortcode and display random quotes/sayings whenever you embed it.

What Will Be Covered

There are many ways to achieve the same outcome. In this series, it will be my personal opinion and knowledge of working in the WordPress ecosystem. I won’t cover every possible way to a solution but my preferred method.

  • What is a text editor.
  • Setting up a local environment.
  • Creating a blank plugin.
  • Building the plugin.
  • Enhancing the plugin’s functionality and styling.
  • Build a Gutenberg block for this shortcode (maybe).

* This may change depending on the scope/popularity of this series.

Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

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