What Is A Text Editor

A Text Editor is a program, similar to Word/Google Docs/NotePad, but used to edit and create code files. Text Editors allow you to save plain text files into a code language for your project.

For coding you will need to have a text editor installed onto your laptop/computer that you plan to code with. It’s not optional.

Text Editors are designed for developers, a lot of text editors include packages ( kind of like a WordPress plugin for the text editor) that makes development easier for you. You get packages that will make your code easier to read, autocomplete function names from languages like JavaScript and much more!

Which Text Editor To Use

You can purchase text editors, but you don’t need to. There’s quite a few powerful text editors out there (for FREE!!!).

I recommend in using Atom.io which was created by GitHub!

Click on this image to download atom.
Click on the image to go to Atom’s website to download.

Once you’ve installed Atom, you’re ready to rock! If you need help installing this Text Editor please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

If you are interested in other Text Editors have a quick Google and you’ll see there are a quite a few to choose from.

Why I Like Atom.io

I really like the Atom text editor as it’s simple and doesn’t distract you too much from the job you need to get done.

A lot of advanced text editors, I find try to do too much things. I’ve built many WordPress plugins on a text editor like Atom that have reached thousands of active users.

Sometimes less is more.

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

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