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Faire L’amor Bridal [Review]

If you’re looking for affordable bridal dresses in Pretoria, be careful who you go with. It seems a lot of companies in the wedding industry don’t deliver great service or quality. The same goes for Faire L’amor Bridal – it’s…

Tips For Visiting Mauritius

Image of a boat on a shoreline in Mauritius.

Recently my wife and I were blessed enough to travel to Mauritius for a week for our honeymoon. We’re excited to get back and visit the country and the beautiful beaches. I’ve decided to blog about it so I don’t…

TV Series List

Image of a tv in living room.
I'm moving towards a digital library of reminders, notes and other general things I struggle to keep track of. So I figured a list of TV Series that my wife and myself are currently watching or keen to watch.